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  • What do you charge?
    Check my Prices & Booking page.
  • Do you ever paint for exposure, or for free?
    Face paint costs money (one small split cake, approximately 1 x 1.5 inches, costs about $19), brushes cost money (one good paint brush will run $7 to $15), and the gas in my car costs as much as the gas in yours. I think this little meme is funny—so, no, I don't paint for exposure. However, there are quite a few things in this world that are worth more than money... and JESUS is by far the greatest of all. It is my joy to be given opportunities where my face painting can open the doors for me to share the greatest treasure of all. Therefore I will make arrangements to paint several events each year in exchange for the cost of supplies and travel plus the opportunity to share the gospel with the group that is being painted. To reiterate, I will do several events a year where the event coordinators will reimburse me for my paint and gas, AND give me focused time share a gospel message—a message about how Jesus is "the way, the truth, and the life" and no one comes to the Father except through Him—both verbally, and by giving out Bible-based literature, to the group. If you'd like to get an idea of what that message would sound like, scroll to the bottom of this website and click the button on the right hand side to be taken to a YouTube video with a gospel message. If you'd like to make an inquiry about your event and my availability, send me a message through my Contact page. :-)
  • What about sensitive skin?
    Although rare, allergic reactions can sometimes happen. I am not responsible for allergic reactions. If sensitive skin is involved, ASK FOR A PATCH TEST. These are professional water-based face paints and glitters that are tested for use on the face and eye area—but those with sensitive skin may still have a reaction. If irritation seems to be occurring, remove face paint immediately.
  • How do you remove face paint?
    To remove face paint from skin, use a soft washcloth with mild face soap (baby soap is a good choice) and warm water. If color persists, use coconut oil or kitchen vegetable oil worked gently into the skin to help remove the pigment. Do not use alcohol, mineral oil, harsh makeup removers, or strong soaps, which can irritate skin. To remove face paint from cloth or clothing, gently work in a laundry stain remover with lukewarm water and soak the garment for at least five minutes. Then wash as indicated on the care label. Avoid placing stained clothing in the drier which will set the stain. Hang it to dry and check the stain to see if it remains. If so, repeat stain removal process.
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    These are professional water activated face paints and glitters that are tested for use on the face and eye area. Brand names may include: Kraze, Fusion Body Art, TAG, Diamond FX, Professional Colors, GTX, and Superstar, to name a few. I do not use anything that has not been approved and tested by professional face paint artists.
  • How long does face paint last?
    Generally you can expect to enjoy several hours of your design before naturally occurring body oils may start to dim or mute colors. Sweat or moisture of any kind will cause paint to run and designs to come off. The paint is specifically designed to be gentle to skin and therefore does come off easily.
  • What if irritation occurs?
    If irritation seems to be occurring, remove face paint immediately, otherwise remove before bedtime.
  • Can I sleep in face paint?
    Don't sleep in face paint as it may cause irritation and/or transfer to bedsheets and blankets.
  • Fair warning... I have visible tattoos with strong messages.
    Yes, and I plan to get more. My tattoos contain messages that I believe, and they can be seen as offensive to those who disagree... Most of them talk about Jesus.
  • Do you do anything else besides face painting?
    I have some ability to do balloon twisting, I can do some simple magic tricks (illusions), sand sculpt, tell stories, and MC. I've done professional voice acting, college level stage performance, and I'm a published author. I can throw pottery on the wheel, chop boards in half with my hands and feet, create a mean Excel sheet, and type 60 wpm... HAHAHA!!! Finally... I can help you with insurance!!! LOL!!!! (Are you sure you really have enough life insurance? Let's talk... 😉)
  • What religion are you?
    I'm a Christian. I'm part of the conservative branch of Presbyterian churches called the "Orthodox Presbyterian Church." If that name sounds odd, it's ok! LOL! "Orthodox" is an old word that means "straight." (...You go to an orthodontist to straighten your teeth.) As Orthodox Presbyterians we believe the straight teaching of the Bible... That God the Father gave up his son Jesus Christ to death on a cross to pay the price for the sins of his people. We also seek to follow what the Bible commands. The Orthodox Presbyterian Church tries to live consistently with the principles of Christianity and share with others the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Though the Bible is a long book, we believe that the heart of its message is fairly simple: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16). There is one God. He exists eternally. He is three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the person of Jesus Christ, God the Son entered human history. Why? Because the entire human race had rebelled. This rebellion is what the Bible means when it speaks of "sin." Most of us don't think of ourselves as "sinners." When we compare ourselves to others, we tend to think that we are "pretty good people." But haven't we all acted selfishly? Haven't we all done things we know are displeasing to God? But Jesus, the one who never acted selfishly, who never disobeyed God, lived and died so that selfish people like you and me would be delivered from our sin and selfishness, and transformed into new people. Of course, there are many other religions in the world that share some common concerns with Christianity: a quest for God answers to the problem with evil, what happens to us after we die, and a hunger to know the meaning of life. Facing these questions, various religions give different answers, but they are all agreed that salvation is something we must earn. Success , they say, depends upon our effort. But, how can selfish people ever be devoted to something other than themselves? And who would reward us for it? Is there no better way? All our efforts at self-deliverance are doomed. But there is good news! In the person and work of his Son, God has already done everything necessary to save us. By his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus secured forgiveness of sins and eternal life for all who desire it. He offers new life—his own resurrection life—to all people which we receive by faith, trusting in him as our only King and Savior. In trusting him, we are transformed and begin to live new lives. Though our practices may at points resemble those of other world religions, our motive is completely different. Other religious command us to earn acceptance. Christianity teaches that we live new lives because we have been accepted already through Jesus. This is why Christians call the message of the Bible “good news” (gospel). As a Christian Church, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is committed to proclaiming this gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. And we welcome into our fellowship all who believe in our Savior. Here are a few Orthodox Presbyterian Churches in the Dayton, and surrounding area: Covenant - (Vandalia) Light of the Nations - (Downtown Dayton) Redeemer - (Beavercreek) Living Water - (Springfield) There are many other fine churches in the Dayton area. I welcome questions and I'm more than happy to help you find a church near you where you can learn and grow.
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