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Prices & Booking

I offer private parties (birthday, wedding, anniversary), events for organizations (picnic, office party), as well as options for events open to the public, currently starting at $150. Scroll down to see prices, and send me an inquiry... 

General Availablity:


Private Party

Birthday, Quinceañera, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, Holiday 

  • $150 one hour

  • $200 two hours

  • $75 per hour for 3rd & 4th hours booked


Public Event

Carnival, Fun Day, Harvest Event, Christmas Boutique

  • $100 per hour, 2 hour minimum - I'll paint for your event. You can offer the painting free to the event participants, or charge per face and sell tickets as a way of raising funds!


Private Event

Office Party, Church Picnic, Club Celebration 

  • $100 per hour, 2 hour minimum



Locations/events such as school fundraisers, church festivals, or street fairs may pay only a nominal "show-up" fee that may be eligible to be refunded

  • $75 show-up fee - 4 hour minimum - I will charge those who wish to have face painting, and if I make back the required amount, I'll refund that show-up fee to your organization. Inquire for more details

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